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Following are the books about the great people who were the pillers of the ‘ParabDham’. These books are written to give people knowledge about how great the people mentioned here in this book and how they defined our culture without wich our life wouldn’t be same. A big thanks to reader and well wishes.

Book : 1


          The first book name ‘Parab-Darshan’ is the book written by the writer Shree Das Bapu who is reclaimed writer and poet. In this book he tried to encapture all the past memories of great people lived here and made this place great and people greatful. Writer has tried to put his feeling into words by explaining how unique and whole characters were they all, to which he has done a very good job. People who wants to know more about the ‘Parab’ and people who made ‘Parab’ should definitely read this book as it is very comprehensive and has some of the very rare and visually compelling photographs.

Writer : શ્રી સૂતિક્ષણદાસ બાપુ

Book : 2

Biography Of Saint શ્રી Sevadas Bapu


             This is the second book written by our beloved writer Das bapu about the one of the great personality who made Parab a little more special than it was. Hardly there will be anyone here who doesn’t know his name, Shree Sevadas bapu. His whole biography observed by his disciples and other people who knew him very well. People who witnessed Sevadas Bapu personally always says he used to have this very unique aura around him which was overwhelming. He still lives in our hearts because of the great things he managed to achieve. This book is highly recommended to those who wants to learn how to live life to its fullest.  There is one section where he answers to the Q asked by people around him where he explains many things related to life. Those answers will hit you at the point if you are someone who is seeking inspiration.

Writer : શ્રી સૂતિક્ષણદાસ બાપુ